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To ensure the safety and safety of property and their own life, someone hires security, and someone sets a security alarm, including with video surveillance. Today’s level of development of technology and science has ensured the diversity and wide selection of such systems that can, regardless of the owner, transmit an alarm and call employees of the security company or police.

To protect residential premises, apartment security alarms are used, which consist of the main block, sensors and sirens. Sensors respond to one or another action – opening, closing, gas leakage, the occurrence of fire, etc.D. Information from sensors enters the main block, where it is processed and analyzed. Based on the result of the analysis, further actions of the system are based. In the case of undeclad penetration, the appearance of gas, smoke, fire, etc.D. a siren that provides the owners about the situation works.

To date, one of the most popular security systems is GSM signaling with a SIM card, which at a minimum of costs provide maximum benefit. The territory is equipped with various sensors, which in one way or another are connected to the control panel. It is on it that all the signals from the sensors receive, and it is she who transmits an alarm to a particular phone number. The main thing is that on the balance of the SIM card there is a necessary amount.

Systems with video surveillance are somewhat more complicated. The simplest of them consist of cameras, DVRs and cables, if the latter are needed. The cameras transmit information to the DVR, which digitizes it, reproduces and writes on a hard drive. When buying this device, it is necessary to consider its resolution, which should correspond to the indicators of video cameras, and the recording speed. If it is supposed to use video surveillance in a large territory, then several video cameras and a multi -channel DVR are purchased, the channel of which directly depends on the number of cameras.

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