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Which front door is better to put »Choose the most reliable

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In search of an answer to the question which front door is better to put, you need to rely not only on the cost of the structure, but also take into account additional services. The fact is that they may not be included in the price of the main product. This means that the owner will have to pay extra for a lot. As a result, the door structure will cost a tidy sum, the size of which is far from the figure that was originally indicated on the price tag.

Reliability criteria

Obviously, the greatest degree of reliability is ensured by the structure of steel. The thicker the sheet, the higher its strength. Accordingly, and hacking it is incredibly harder. It is better to consider structures formed by steel sheets with a thickness of at least 15 mm. But strength also depends on the internal device of the door structure. There is a directly proportional dependence between the ribs of stiffness and strength. They can be either horizontal or vertical. The mixed system will be ideal when the former will be supplemented by the second.

Particular attention is required to be paid to loops that can be external and hidden. Hidden, of course, are more reliable, since it is almost impossible to cut them down. However, if the door structure is equipped with anti -detergent pins, then the type of loops does not matter, since it will not work to penetrate the home, even if you cut them. Thus, to ensure the maximum impregnability of the apartment, you need to choose a door structure that is equipped with:

anti -converting pins;

hidden loops;



Speaking of reliability, one cannot fail to mention such an element as a castle. By the type of its fastening, it can be overhead or sea. Please note that some varieties of locking mechanisms are applicable only with a certain material of the canvas. Experts recommend installing at least a couple of verse locks: leaf and cylinder. The first is more massive. Therefore, you can hack it only by applying gross power. The second is more, so to speak, sophisticated. Therefore, it can be “defeated” with intelligence, but not by force. The simultaneous installation of both castles makes your home almost impregnable: too much time for crackers will go on fuss with mechanisms. But in addition to them, there are other elements described above.

A few words about manufacturers

It is common for a person to worry about his safety, so the market of door structures of the described type increases annually in volume. But besides reliability criteria, the aesthetic moment is also important.

Until a certain time in the Russian market, the leading position was held by Italian production products. A number of models were even specially developed for operation in Russia. However, today the situation is such that many domestic manufacturers offer products no worse than imported analogues. Moreover, in some indicators they even surpass foreign products.

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