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The first bulldozer, which appeared at the beginning of the last century, was a tractor with a metal plate attached in front. It was a huge and incredibly noisy car. Today it is difficult to imagine the functioning of many industries without the use of a bulldozer. It is successfully used in road construction, to align the sites, movement of soils, and so on. This powerful unit has become indispensable in construction and repair earthwork. The car can be safely called a universal assistant, because even the most severe conditions are not afraid of him. The caterpillar move gives it incredible cross-country ability and speed when performing repair and construction work.

No construction company will do without a bulldozer, because the presence of such equipment will significantly save temporary and labor resources. And some types of work are completely impossible without this transport.

Among other leading positions are held by Chinese bulldozers. They were able to gain such popularity around the world thanks to the best combination of price and quality. Even the most developed and prosperous countries prefer to purchase equipment from China, despite the presence of their own production of high -quality equipment, because Chinese manufacturers offer similar products, but at a more favorable cost.

As for simplicity in operation and maintenance, here few can compete with Chinese technology. Excellent operational characteristics brought Chinese bulldozers to a leading position. Additional complement by many models with a looser with a deepening up to 1500 mm allows for preliminary development of heavy and especially frozen soils, open rocks and soils. Many models are equipped with a rotary or non -expired hemherical dump or direct dump with a hydraulic skew, which significantly expands the scope of their use and increases the effectiveness.

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