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Production of paving stones and paving slabs.

Modern technologies allow you to equip any house as its owner wants. Any original and unusual idea can be realized, having at hand all the necessary source material for this. And such materials, for example, paving stones, paving and facing tiles, border stone and many others help create unusually bright and unique masterpieces of design art not only in the house, but also around it.

Porridge belongs to the category of building and facing materials of a high degree of reliability, strength and durability, so it is dignified by a leading position in the field of paving roads and city streets. The initial material for its production in most cases is granite, due to its unsurpassed physicochemical properties. The process of manufacturing granite paving stones is based on the method of cutting granite blocks on a special stone processing equipment with subsequent mandatory processing. It is available in the form of bars of various widths and lengths. The paving stones made here allows you to create a huge number of all kinds of patterns that will be an excellent addition to the landscape design of your site.

There are three main types of laying of granite paving stones: in -line, arcuate and arbitrary. Each of these types has quite diverse styling options, which allows you to create landscape compositions unique in their execution and design, which will become a magnificent stroke in the design of any yard, park, square, adjacent or other territory.

In addition to paving stones for paving paths and sidewalks, paving slabs of various colors, pattern and textures are also perfect. Correctly selected, it allows you to create unusual patterns and drawings, giving the site a special elegance. Produce this material in two methods, such as: vibrating and vibration pressing. The method of vibration pressing involves simultaneous vibration and compaction of the concrete mixture under pressure on special equipment called vibroPress. VibroLilo is a process in which the concrete mixture is laid in the form and withstands for some time on the vibrostol, after which the mixture is compacted and steamed in a special chamber. So it turns out a finished product that has a smooth and even surface. Using such a tile, you can create not only an original drawing or composition, but also completely transform the territory around the house and cottage, giving it a unique style, chic and novelty.

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