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Darpa sends robots into space to build satellites

by USAInvest

Cosmos can be cold, but now it is in hot discussions in the sectors of advanced technologies. Everything is so hot in these areas that instead of the ground construction of satellites, today the issue of sending robotics into space for the construction of the necessary designs is being resolved today directly on the spot. NASA is going to use huge 3D spiders for the construction of spacecraft in space. Darpa agency (agency of advanced defense research projects), which recently became famous for not building a giant beam of death, acquired a Phoenix program, which passed to the second phase of testing.

The purpose of the Phoenix is ​​to send robots into space that will build satellites. Robots will collect a 15-foot modular satellite. At the first stage of tests, it was proved that the idea will work and it will be able to mark the way our space programs are being implemented today. If you have a question, why build directly in space, then the answer is simple. Robotics and all the necessary “ingredients” of the satellite will literally shoot into space. The developed method is cheaper than launching ready -made satellites. In addition, these will be repaired satellites, which can be updated in the process while they rotate around the Earth. Currently, satellites are mainly inaccessible, that is, how they were launched, they are spinning in space.

According to the head of the Phoenix program, a new possibility of launching and inspecting, eliminating problems, repair, replacement of components, additives of new opportunities, will allow space systems to become more flexible, affordable and stable.

In the phase of 2 Phoenix programs, the agency of advanced defense research projects will already begin to actually build its launch system and robotics. Currently, Darpa already has eight contracts with different firms that will participate in the project. Among them are Buskek, Honeybee Robtics and Oceaneering.

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