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Paving tracks and platforms

by USAInvest

Here I want to tell you about the use of methods for the manufacture (paving) of paths and sites on the site. Such a path is made of artificial arbitrary form of flat stones with filling seams.

Where do we start? The first thing we need is to pour concrete stones. I asked such forms from galvanized tin in the workshop, where ventilation boxes were made. In general, I ordered 6 strips from thin flexible tin with a 12cm width and a length of 2.5 m to 3m. From these stripes, forms are created for pouring concrete “stones” of arbitrary shape.

We lay the strip of tin, fixing at some points by stakes. Then, at the level, we set the required position by vertically the top of the form. Somewhere you have to score a little into the ground where to put something. At the same time, do not forget that for rainwater drain, it is necessary to withstand 1cm slope at 1m. It is not necessary to exhibit it very accurately at this stage of work, in the process of filling the form, we can move it.

After such preparation of the form-river, we prepare concrete and carefully (so as not to lay the neighboring stones, do not deform the formwork) pour inside. Concrete Prepare M200 brands (C: P: SC – 1: 2.5: 4.2. By the way, crushed stone should be 5/20 fractions. So we fill out the shape until there are about 4-5 cm left upward. Now we can accurately set the level of the upper plane, because most of the volume of the form is filled and therefore the position in which we put the shape will be more stable. When the layout of the apartment is extremely unsuccessful, then there is always an idea about building a new house in accordance with their personal ideas. In this case, you need to find out, how much it is worth building such a house, and if the price seems acceptable to you, then you can proceed directly to the construction. Now the prices for the construction of houses are satisfied.

Now we will begin to provide our future with stone of color. To do this, we prepare a special solution in which the sand should be more crushed stone so that the surface can be well smooth. Also add the pigment. The approximate composition of such a solution Ts: P: P: 1: 2.5: 1.5, but I cook it “by eye” so that it resembles a masonry solution with interspersed stones.

After cooking, lay out the “colored” layer in the shape and carefully level it. Everything, in this state, our artificial stone will harden. Somewhere after 8 hours it can be carefully watered and with the help of a grater to align minor irregularities.

Here is such a technology. Then the gaps between the seams can be filled with various fillers. If we want to get an “English” aristocratic option – we fall asleep with soil with seeds of herbs, so that later the grass grows, which needs to be trimmed. It is also covered with marble chips, sand, wloving or poured with a special solution to get a platform.

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