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How to choose a brick for building a house?

by USAInvest

You can determine the quality of brick even earlier than to use it in the construction of the house. Quality material, technologically burned, has a brownish-red tint.

When hitting bricks, you can hear how he “rings”. But if it is burnt, then its edges and middle will be unnaturally melted and dark. This type of brick is suitable exclusively for the foundation, and it is not suitable for building walls. If you take pictures during construction, then you will come in handy for Nikon, which you can see in the online store in Kyiv.

If the brick is unfinished, when impact, its sound will be deaf, and its coloring is mustard color. Such material is very sensitive to moisture, as well as low temperatures.

If you need to use a brick to carry out facade facade, experts recommend taking a brick from one batch – this will be a guarantee of the same coloring.

Saving on building materials is best in the spring. But in any case, you should ask sellers of a quality certificate. In the absence of this and a number of accompanying documents, it is better to refuse the purchase.

According to the rules, there are 8 brands of brick depending on its strength. In addition, brick differs in the level of frost resistance and is indicated by the letters “MRZ”. Frost resistance is measured in cycles. To ensure the safety of heat, it is better to make walls with a thickness of at least 64 cm.

Bricks with springs with a depth of more than 6 millimeters are considered defective, and for the facade, such a brick will not work.

During the operation of a brick building, stains and white spots may appear. Therefore, you should remember some rules for the use of brick during construction: use only a thick solution for masonry, you should not allow the solution to the front side of the brick, do not build a brick house with rain and rainy weather.

Beautiful and correctly selected brick guarantees the strength and durability of the building!

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