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How to stay awake for more than a day

by marusia

Scientists from the US Air Force Research Laboratory have created a device that helps relieve fatigue and maintain performance throughout the day.

According to the Technology Networks portal, the VNS technique is based on stimulation of the cervical vagus nerve with an electric current.

According to the authors of the study, this method is much more effective than transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Both methods target the locus coeruleus, an area in the brainstem thought to be the main source of the wake-up hormone norepinephrine.

It is noted that tDCS signals must pass through the skin, skull, and the rest of the brain to reach the final region.
The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

With VNS therapy, exposure occurs using a portable device, so a person can independently control the device. In this case, the procedure will take only six minutes.

To test the device, scientists chose 40 people who had to stay awake for 34 hours. The condition of the participants in the experiment was assessed using four tests.

It turned out that participants in VNS therapy showed the best results 12 and 15 hours after stimulation.

According to experts, this method can be a good way to be in working condition for a long time.

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