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Glossy facades are just a master

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Glossy facades

One of the most popular trend in modern construction, and interior decoration is the use of various glossy surfaces for a variety of purposes. A large number of various models, and simply incredible color scheme – all this adds not only airiness and accuracy to your home, but also allows you to achieve interesting design ideas and solutions.

With the help of even the simplest glossy surface, you can easily add a certain amount of lighting in the dark rooms, and increase the visual space in bright rooms, thereby adding more positive emotions from only staying in such spacious halls.

It is worth noting that the use of glossy surfaces began to be used, and since the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century. The new technological capabilities and various materials of the new generation have diversified and improve this area so that today such furniture is considered a full -fledged symbol of taste. Unfortunately, in the seventies there was a fairly unpleasant disadvantage in glossy surfaces, the yellowing surface. At that time it was not solved, which cannot be said about the modern possibilities of this material. Today we do not even need to use any specific mastics or ointments that would protect gloss from faded spots – all this is already introduced into the structure itself. You can buy an angar pine for arranging your home and give it gloss on your own. At the same time, you can be sure that such a board will last you for a very long time.

In many ways, the achievements of such qualitative heights were achieved only due to the fact that scientists created special UV panels. These panels provide for the use of phased processing of the surface of the wooden boards of chipboard with a special type of varnish without subsequent grinding procedures. All layers are applied exclusively using special equipment and special robots, which were developed exclusively for such production.

Some types of additives and special impurities in paints and varnishes (in certain layers) allow you to get a certain 3D effect. In particular, this turns out to be interesting when it is necessary to apply not just some divorces, but a full-fledged realistic pattern, or a photographic image with complex elements of visualization and cunning “illusions”.

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