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Glossy or matte stretch ceilings »We make the right choice

by USAInvest

In order to give the interior of the premises a worthy appearance is suitable for glossy or matte stretch ceilings. Recently, this design element has become accessible to the widespread circle of consumers. Its use during repairs in a residential or office building opens up excellent prospects for the most daring design decisions. In this case, we can talk not only about the aesthetic, but also the practical component of this element of interior design.

At the beginning of the article, it is not for nothing that two varieties of coatings are mentioned in vain. You can use both. But, despite their apparent similarity, nevertheless some differences, of course, take place. To understand what exactly they are, it makes sense to consider both types of coatings in more detail.


Coating from this material is in the grocery line of most European manufacturers. Therefore, the first associations that arise when mentioning this variety of the element to create an interior:



high quality.

The use of the described coatings is appropriate in almost any room. Their characteristic features are shine, glare, very smooth and incredibly pleasant to the touch surface. With such a canvas, the interior immediately acquires a business, strict shade. Here you can not make a mistake: the atmosphere of the room should not be simple – otherwise the ceiling coating will look extremely defiant. It will look much more harmonious in the atmosphere of high-tech. No less perfectly gloss fits into the atmosphere of office space. Especially in those places where it is customary to meet business partners (room for negotiations or conference room). In addition, it is possible to use this class of materials in rooms with an increased humidity level.

Polyurethane PVC

Polyurethane polyvinyl chloride is not the only source material for matte coatings. A special fabric can be used along with it. The ideal place of use is residential premises with a classic interior. The texture of the coating allows you to completely forget about actions such as whitewashing or staining. The main distinctive qualities of this type of coatings are versatility and durability.

A special role in choosing this variety of finishing material is played by the size of the room. It is known that the smaller the height of the room, the higher the probability of notice the joints of the ceiling plates. One of the advantages of the coatings described is precisely that their seams are very difficult to determine visually. In principle, you can use seamless varieties. But they will cost more.

Both of the described type of coatings are attached to the surface of the ceiling through a special frame. By the way, the lion’s share of the time spent on the installation of coatings has to be spent precisely on the mount and installation of the frame. Pull the canvas on it – this is, as they say, a matter of technology. That is, a few minutes.

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