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Fireplaces in temporary dwellings

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Fireplaces in temporary dwellings

In summer cottages, an increasing number of people prefer to spend time not only in the summer, but also autumn, spring, and some in the winter. Therefore, building a summer house for yourself, be sure to provide for the device of a fireplace or just a fireplace in it. Of course, the coefficient of the fireplace of the fireplace is small-15-20 percent. But he has undeniable virtues that value, first of all, persons with a romantic soul. And then there is a more prosaic advantage: fireplaces allow you to ventilate the heated room well. For a temporary dwelling, this is very important. The place for placing the fireplace is selected taking into account the fact that this open hearth does not tolerate drafts. So the front door should be away. By the way, now there is an online furniture store in which you can find special furniture that is combined even with the fireplace.

The most common type of fireplaces is English, with a direct and inclined chimney. To increase the heat transfer, a smokers are provided in its case, it is made from a sheet of brass or copper. And in the base of the hearth and portal of the fireplace, fireproof (chamotum) brick or selected red is laid in the form of a platform. Brick is put in this case on the end. Fix these bricks with cement-sand mortar, after adding a little asbestos to it.

In order for the fireplace to provide the expected heat, it is necessary to correctly calculate the ratio of the section of the chimney and the opening of the portal, it should be 1: 8 or 1: 9.

It is important to take into account the fact that the size of the fireplace portal should be proportional to the area of ​​the heated room in a ratio of 1:50, the height should not exceed the depth of the focus more than 2 times.

For a traditional English fireplace with a direct chimney, materials in this amount are required: 250-300 pieces of red brick, 120 pieces of refractory brick, 7-8 buckets of clay, 1-2 buckets of refractory clay, 12-14 buckets of sand, 1 bucket of cement.

In addition, furnace devices will require, depending on the specific type and type of hearth.

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