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Calculation of a wooden staircase: number, height, width of the steps

by USAInvest

Calculations begin with the determination of the upper mark. The upper line is indicated, after which it becomes possible to measure the total length of the stairs. After that, the vertical is lowered (the rope, at the end of which the weight is fixed) and the exact height of the wooden staircase is measured.

The step is based on a pair of details: vertical, which is called an approach, and horizontal, called a mischief. Each approach should have the same height. There are 2 types of calculations here:

From the height of the approach. The interval from 15 is considered standard.2 to 19.7 centimeters. The total height should be divided into any number that lies in this interval. For example, the total height of the stairs is 267 centimeters. If you divide this value, for example, by 17.5, you can get 15, that is, the staircase needs 15 steps. Now 257 must be divided into 15, which will allow you to get the exact height of the riser, which will be equal to 17.8 centimeters;

From the number of steps. The standard range during the erection of an inter -story wooden staircase is from 14 to 18 steps. The same value of 267 centimeters will share, for example, by 14. We get a result that will say that the height of the riser will be 19 centimeters. Of course, if we choose an option of 15 steps, then the height of the riser will be at the mark of 17.8 centimeters.

When a wooden staircase is calculated, we must not forget about the thickness of the. The width of the horizontal part of the step can be selected in accordance with your personal preferences. Masters, however, are advised to use the following formula:

The exact height of the riser in total with the width should be 44.5 centimeters. If from 44.5 take away 17.8, then you can get a mend, the depth of which will be 26.7 centimeters. This value is called ideal. If you shift from it towards a decrease, then the staircase can be too cool, if in the direction of increase – too gentle.

The width of the wooden staircase also almost does not depend on any restrictions. It is necessary to choose it, focusing on the place and personal preferences. Experts give advice that the width should not be less than 80 centimeters. Practice also shows that such a design is narrow and not too convenient in operation.

The greatest organicism can be achieved if you navigate the following formula: you need to choose a number that is a multiple of the width of the. For example, for the option considered in this article, that is, 26.7 centimeters, an ideal design width of 80 will be.1 centimeters, 106.8 centimeters, 133.5 centimeters and so on.

The construction of the landing should begin with one sufficiently important measurement. The vertical distance between the line of the surface of the steps and the ceiling should not be less than 200 centimeters. Such a value will allow even high guests to use the staircase without problems.

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