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Brief sketch of stretch ceilings

by USAInvest

In a very near past, the ceiling was considered the norm and, even, an indicator of the household of residents of the apartment, cleaned or glued with colorful wallpaper. To date, active development has brought a lot of new technologies for landscaping, one of which is stretch ceilings.

For the Russian consumer, the products of the German, Swiss, French and domestic manufacturer are available mainly. There are not so many (basic) technologies of installing this product themselves: graduate, domestic, it is the cheapest, Dutch wedge, used to create complex design solutions and, the so -called harpoon, used in hard -to -reach places.

The advantages of suspended ceilings are: cheapness, long -term operation and, importantly, the simplicity of installation.

This product is made of extremely durable, waterproof polyester fabric, less often – PVC film. Stretched – at a distance of a few centimeters from the main ceiling. It should be noted that a similar design withstands about 100 liters of water per 1 sq. M. This, as you understand, makes it possible to protect you, from inattentive neighbors, sometimes forgetting the cranes turned on.

Mostly stretch ceilings are installed after the complete completion of the repair of the apartment, office, premises. In addition, such a ceiling can be made multi -level, using your most daring fantasies. The installation process itself lasts no more than five hours, which is its characteristic feature.

If you have already decided that you need a stretch ceiling, – a little advice: before installing, contact a specialist who can point you to the features of your premises, give the necessary recommendations, thereby making your repairs easy and pleasant, as well as saving your precious time.

If you want to rent an apartment in a falcon at an affordable price, contact the site where you will find suitable information.

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