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ARCELORMITAL Orbit sculpture in London Park

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Anish Kapoor artist chose a commission to design a public and art project in honor of the 2012 Olympic Games. The sculpture called Arcelormittal Orbit was developed in collaboration with the Cecil Balmond engineer.

ARCELORMITAL Orbit sculpture The largest structure in the UK will consist of continuously twisted steel pipes, which is an orbital trajectory of space objects.

The tower will be represented in the Olympic London Park and have an observation tower so that everyone could climb onto it to climb the installation of an elevator. For the most sophisticated and wanting to inspect the whole tower, there will also be a staircase. One of the most prominent contemporary artists in the world, Anish Kapoor studied in London, where he lives and works now. He is known for the ability to use his rich imagination and creativity in the right direction, an ode from his sculptures called Cloud Gate in Chicago Park Millennium.

Anish Kapoor’s sculptural proposal was developed in cooperation with one of the leading structural designers of Cecil Balmond. Balmond, who studied and lives in London, is known for its innovative work on some of the largest modern buildings in the world, such as the cable television building in Beijing. These two artists have been cooperating since 2002 and have become known for their ambitious, large -scale, social and art projects.

The structure will stand in the southern part of the Olympic park between the stadium and the center of water sports and will open just by the 2012 Games. After completing the games, all rights to this construction will transfer Olympic Park Legacy Company, which will attract more visitors. One of the positive aspects for this park is that this sculpture is compared with the Eiffel Tower, which will attract more visitors.

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