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What is a good cultivator.

by USAInvest

The cultivator will make life easier for gardeners.

The cottage with a small plot of land has many citizens. In their sites, all, as hardworking bees, work in the morning and, sometimes, until late in the evening, especially in a favorable period for planting. Of course, a lot of effort and time is spent on digging and preparing the Earth for the sowing of a particular culture. But that’s not all. After the crop has rises, you need to rinse everything. Thus, there is a lot of trouble, but I want to rest! But there is always an alternative, and a cultivator can help in this.

Cultivator is an unit designed for cultivation, loosening of the Earth. The unit is able to work where large equipment will not be able to cope (space between trees, small plots, flower beds). For a small car, it is not a problem to dig a garden or garden, overcome weeds, break large clods of the Earth or process areas with solid soil. Since there are quite a lot models of the device, it is necessary to proceed from the conditions of the land, area, presence or absence of an electric network, soil features.

Cultivators or motoblocks presented today in the market of garden equipment can be divided into three main classes in dimensions and power:

Light (for example, Texas Muldvarp ES 300)

Medium (for example, Sadko T380)

Heavy (for example, Oleo-Mac MH150RK EMAK K700)

You can also classify this garden technique by type of engine:


Internal combustion (gasoline)

Moreover, electric engines can be frightened in different ways. In one case, the power can be supplied from the electric network, and in the other case, the battery will be used.

For a small section, it is better to use a light motor -cultivator, it spends significantly less energy (fuel) and is convenient if the earth needs to loosen surface or align the edges on the garden. But the heavy unit is more functional, the diameter is larger, which allows you not only to loosen, but to fully dig a good plot of land. A heavy cultivator is easy and easy to break large clods and hard soil. Not only the engine power is of importance, but also the diameter of the milling.

Cultivators can be purchased in specialized stores, such as “New Line” or “Epicenter”. But greatly simplifies the procedure for buying a cultivator of the Nex online store you like. . . The advantages of this method of purchase are that qualified specialists will provide assistance in choosing a suitable unit, providing a complete advice for free. Before selling, the entire equipment is a preliminary check, so there is no doubt about its performance. In addition to everything, the cultivator you like will be delivered to the indicated address, which will even simplify the life of the gardener.

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