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Floor coatings: flooring new plank floors

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The optimal time for the flooring of the plank floor is the end of the heating season, since the boards manage to dry well, therefore, the likelihood of the formation of cracks and warning of the coating is reduced or even completely excluded. If such a floor will be laid in the summer, it is recommended to carry out work during a period that preceded at least two weeks of hot and dry weather.

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Planed floor is laid according to the lags pre-installed after 400-800 mm. First, it is recommended to carry out temporary styling, in which the selection of boards is carried out, providing the most dense fit and a beautiful combination of the pattern (in the case of their varnish). For the convenience and reduction of the time to lay the boards, it is recommended to numb.

With the flooring of the boards, technological gaps at the walls should be observed: in the internal walls, the gap should be at least 10 mm, in external – 20 mm. This allows you to prevent the decay of the boards in the places of adjacency to the enclosing structures, as well as eliminate the deformation of the coating during humid expansion.

For attaching boards to the lags, nails are used with a length of 100-125 mm. After fastening the first board, the second is assigned to it, at a distance of 50-70 mm from its end, a bracket is driven into the lags, with the help of which a dense fitting of the boards to each other will be carried out by driving the wedge. After beating the fitted board, the bracket is removed, the next board is laid and the operations are repeated.

To eliminate the cracks between the flooring and the walls, the skirting board or the fillets are installed. But in the latter case, natural ventilation and circulation of air worsen, so the device of ventilation grilles will be required.

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