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We prepare an apartment for repair

by USAInvest

The problem of repairing the apartment can be solved in two ways: to attract a professional construction brigade from repairing masters or make repairs with your own hands. The first option, despite the apparent simplicity (which can be easier – hired and do nothing) has pitfalls. It is quite difficult to find real experts, and the work of professionals is expensive. It is for these reasons that many carry out repair work themselves. Due to independent repair, its first stage will be the preparation of the apartment for repair work.

Stage 1 – we plan the upcoming expenses

For this, it is necessary to monitor the prices for the materials necessary for repair. Make accurate measurements of those rooms or premises in which repair is planned. Then buy all building materials. In order to protect furniture from damage during repair work – the room needs to be released. According to the generally accepted rule, repair begins with the ceiling, after which they proceed to the surfaces of the walls and end with the repair of the floor.

Stage 2 – preparing the ceiling

First of all, we clean the ceiling from the previous coating. This is a mandatory event, with the exception of those cases when the installation and installation of stretch ceilings is planned. A layer of lime on the ceiling is easily washed off with a wet rag. If water-based paint was applied to the surface of the ceiling, then we impregnate with a solution of iodine and water (1 bottle per bucket) and after 3-5 minutes we remove the paint layer with a perforator. Oil paint is cleaned with special washing with a wide brush. After cleansing, the surface of the ceiling is leveled – the seams and cracks are closed, irregularities are adjusted.

Stage 3 – Wall preparation

On the wall surfaces there is either a paint or a wallpaper. They are removed by means of a hard scrap (for the purpose of better removal – you need to first moisten them). The paint from the walls is removed by any sharp tool. After cleaning the walls, it is necessary to align them. This is done using putty, plaster. In case of great irregularities, you can resort to drywall sheets (it is very important to install the frame under the sheets correctly and evenly).

Stage 4 – prepare the surface of the floor

The floors must be leveled. In this case, in direct dependence on the type of planned flooring, it is allowed not to dismantle the previous. It is allowed to lay a new linoleum on the old, in case of maintaining its integrity. But if a laminate or parquet is planned as a floor covering, the old flooring should be dismantled.

And remember that high -quality preparatory measures for repair is 50% of success.

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