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Types and decoration of steel entrance doors

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The time has passed when in the whole house, not to mention the stairwell, there were the same entrance doors. Now their choice is diverse, so you can think not only about the practicality of the front door, but also about its design.

The most reliable material for doors is steel. Any front door should be durable, hacking, tight and have sound – and heat -insulating properties. This is ensured by the presence of a frame of high stiffness, sufficient metal thickness, strengthening angles, high -quality filler and sealing. But any design idea can be embodied in reality using decorative finishes. Consider its types.

Vinyl with the skin

Doors using this material are the most inexpensive. And a wide variety of finishing materials and color shades makes it possible to find something for yourself. Viniliska is easy to care for, durable, resistant to moisture and, if necessary, is easily replaced. She looks very natural and perfectly imitates the skin.

Wooden array

The steel door can be sheathed with a wooden board. Such doors are extremely strong and durable, well retain heat. The most used wood varieties are beech, oak and ash. If the door goes straight to the street, then special protection against color burning is used.

MDF finish

MDF is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and durable material. If this material is used when finishing the door, then thanks to the variety of its shades, you can give free rein to the fantasy. And numerous ornaments, texture and types of threads will help make the door the most original.

Laminate sheathing

The use of the laminate makes it possible to decorate the door to the “pseudo -eating”, while not worsening the appearance and economy means. In addition, this coating is resistant to aging, unpretentious in care, highly. But the laminate must be protected from moisture.

Powder spraying

Thanks to this technology, a special metal or polymer powder is applied to the door coating, and the surface of the surface is provided by its subsequent coating with waterproof varnish. This method gives unlimited possibilities for choosing color shades, as well as surface structures. Such doors are durable, reliable, resistant to external influences and easy to care.

Glass finish

This type of finish is usually used for front doors. These models, as a rule, are made according to individual orders for company stores, office premises, commercial organizations, etc. P. and have a fairly high cost.

When choosing a decoration method, remember that getting to know the design of the room begins precisely with the entrance doors.

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