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The process of preparing walls for wallpaper or coloring

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Applying putty on the walls, which will be later glued with wallpaper, you must try to keep the spatula at an angle of 25-30 degrees. It is better to carry out diagonally.

As a result, the material will be evenly distributed in the vertical and horizontal direction. In addition, the putty mixture should be applied from the side of the surface, which has not yet been finished, and pull to the plump surface. As a result, the material will be overlapped.

Having finished finishing the entire surface, it is worth waiting for it to dry, for which you need at least 12-14 hours. After that, the surface should be treated with fine sandpaper. Then it is worth applying a primer again on it, and after drying the latter lay the putty layer. Its thickness should not be large, since with it the walls are aligned completely. After the putty dries, you can proceed to past the wallpaper.

The process of preparing walls for painting is almost the same as in the case of pasting wallpaper. Although there is a slight difference, since the surfaces in this case must be made smooth and even. Hence the number of putty layers applied. As a rule, it is not 2-3 layers, but more, since to achieve the necessary result will require a repeated approach to the wall. But the thickness of the layers then should be small.

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