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How Does A Real Estate Agency Help Its Clients

by marusia

Foreigners really need real estate agency Turkey. It’s difficult to make a deal without knowing the real estate market and law. If you want to invest money and purchase the Turkish property, you can contact Stay Property company.

That is both: a developer and real estate agency. The organization has been working for a long time. It offers objects in the most popular tourist cities of Turkey. So, let’s check what can you get while working with the real estate agency.

Basic Services

There are basic and after-sale services that are valid even for foreign investors. So, you can get the following:

  1. Choosing the object. Managers carry out a personal selection of residential or commercial premises for the client’s request, taking into account all wishes for location, condition, and budget.
  2. Check the real estate. It’s necessary to check all documents to be sure that there are no problems that can make the deal illegal.
  3. Legal support. Clients receive legal support at any stage of the purchase of real estate in Turkey. An interpreter is used in most cases.
  4. Work with developers. As a result, clients can get many options at any stage of construction. So, it is possible to save money up to 40% while buying property at the very beginning of the building.
  5. Exclusive offers. It lets to buy some properties that are available for the current agency only.
  6. Banking services. Most payments go through the bank. Clients need assistance in opening an account and making a payment, taking into account all the formalities.

These are basic services but most agencies offer something more.

Note. Investors can purchase Turkish real estate without moving to the country. In this case, it is necessary to give the notarized power of attorney to the real estate agency specialist. The person will sign the treaty and will do other actions to make a deal in compliance with the law. The investor will see the object by means of video communication.

After-Sale Services

After-sale services are necessary for many customers. These include the management of the property. So, the agency is responsible for carrying out repairs, if necessary, renting out housing, paying for utilities, and so on.

Moreover, the real estate agency staff helps in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and citizenship. A residence permit is granted if the value of the property exceeds $75,000. Turkish citizenship is granted upon purchase of one or more real estate objects, the total cadastral value of which exceeds $ 400,000.

You can buy real estate on the primary or secondary market. By contacting Stay Property, you can purchase a house on the primary market at a bargain price. This is a reliable developer and it will definitely put the property into operation on time. More details you can get while contacting specialists via phone or E-mail.

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