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Radiators: choice and installation

by USAInvest

If the conversation comes to installing heating systems in the house. It is always important to remember that all people who do not have skills in such work at all, it is best to contact specialists who have all resolutions and all licenses. This is what will allow you to get a guarantee of the most correct installation of the heating system. Heating systems are used as a standard all the time, which have a pH level 6.5-9, and the most optimal option is 7-8. In other words, absolutely any heating system must fully comply with this standard.

It is most important to remember that all brought components of the heating system must be checked for tightness before installation. Most often, with all this, a test act is drawn up. This is done because during transportation and during storage, and for some other reasons, individual elements – valves, traffic jams, adapters, can often be depressurized. This must be seen immediately during tests in order to avoid an emergency situation. If you suddenly find a leak, then you should immediately change the faulty part itself.

And all this luxury, today it is also easy to purchase and accessible how to buy whole -glass partitions, so you will not have problems with the purchase. Another question is how to choose the necessary furniture and we will help you with pleasure in this.

Air removal is installed in the upper plug, the opposite of the eyeliners. In addition, if it is automatic, then it is installed horizontally. It is also necessary to install the radiator correctly, not lower than at a distance of 8 centimeters from the floor, and from the wall not less than 2.5 centimeters, and everything in order not to complicate all the heat transfer, and the entire process of cleaning the battery did not become very problematic at the same time. During the first six months after the system is installed, you yourself need to let all the air through the air vent, and in the first few years you can not smoke precisely near the air discharge, illuminated it with open flashlights with open fire and lighters. If copper pipes are used in the system itself, then all adapters must be placed their bronze, and aluminum radiators should not contrast with copper pipes in any way.

During the cold period of the year, it is necessary to avoid all the direct flows of cold air on the pipe, for example, with an open window or open window, because in the end it can simply lead to the appearance of an ice traffic jam, which will eventually simply break the pipe. In order to properly work the radiator and does not break, it should not be disconnected from the heating system unnecessarily. This cause of disconnection may be an accident, preventive flushing. If your radiator is disconnected from the heating system, and you need to open the disconnecting reinforcement, then this should be done gradually and very slowly so that the hydraulic blow does not cause damage.

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