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Ideal solution – parquet board

by USAInvest

A multi -layer oak parquet board – its advantages and advantages.

Among the whole variety of materials for flooring, the parquet board is distinguished by its high -quality and external characteristics – environmental friendliness, aesthetics, strength and durability. It is distinguished by a special structure from a massive board from the same tree breed – several layers of wood with a mutually perpendicular direction of wood fibers are reliably glued together.

What it gives? First of all, of course, stability. In other words, when changing the temperature and level of environmental humidity, the deformation of the multilayer parquet board will be minimal and invisible to the eyes. This avoids the appearance of cracks in the material and cracks at the joints, which is considered the main advantage of a multi -layer parquet board over the board from a solid mass of wood.

Due to its structure, the parquet board, on average, is thicker, and its resistance to mechanical damage above. And since, in many ways, the strength of such a board depends on the thickness of the upper decorative layer, here we will again talk about the advantages, namely, the advantages of oak, which has recently been increasingly used in the production of both a massive board and parquet.

Oak is a very convenient and practical natural material, solid and dense, affordable and suppressed in processing. Once an oak parquet floor was considered a luxury, but today such covers for floor as a parquet board from oak of various shades, most of the people who wish to afford. Thanks to processing by a special composition, wood fibers change their color, the surface of the floor lined with an oak parquet board, looks like a pale-dent, unusual and extremely attractive.

The thickness of the decorative layer of the parquet board is most often 4-6 mm. Oak and multilayer structure in themselves provide resistance to mechanical damage, and to increase strength, the oak parquet board is processed with special protective equipment. Thus, a strong parquet board made of oak (thin oak strips) includes as an undoubted guarantor of strength, reliability and resistance to damage.

Where the oak parquet board is used?

Almost everywhere, but most often in residential designer interiors, since it looks attractive, stylish and corresponds to fashion trends in room design. Covered with butter or varnish, the parquet board does not need any special care, except for traditional regular cleaning. Any modern furniture will look great on such a floor, a variety of shades allows you to choose a coating in the tone of the interior, and the material itself, unlike a synthetic laminate, retains soft natural heat. In a word, an oak parquet board is an ideal solution for a modern home, since it is beautiful, durable and unpretentious.

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