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How to visually increase the space of a small apartment

by USAInvest

Small apartments are a frequent phenomenon in the current world. Many are trying to increase the space of their housing, but how to do it, at least visually? Thanks to this solution, you can make a small apartment more. The best solution is the deep redevelopment of your apartment. To significantly increase the space of your apartment, you can rally several rooms in one whole, for example, combine a hall with a living room. Subsequently, just such a unification of the rooms can be obtained a significantly larger room than if these rooms remained divided. The kitchen can be separated from the entire apartment by various finishing materials. You can select the kitchen using a tile on the floor or walls, the hall can be distinguished using plastic or laminate on the floor. It should be borne in mind that the redevelopment of your apartment requires relevant documents and approval. No need to start arranging arches or connecting rooms without the necessary permits. Free passages that will not block the doors will help to help significantly expand the space. For example, the door between the hall and the living room is absolutely not needed, also the door between the kitchen and the living room is completely not needed. The closed door breaks the space into a separate room, and visually reduces the room. Also, the door itself occupies some area. Dismantling the doors does not require coordination with the authorities or neighbors. In order not to waste your time on approval, it is best to seek help from specialized organizations that will take all your worries on themselves.

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