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The traffic police demand that everyone has a fire extinguisher in the car. In this article we will try to figure out how to make the choice of a fire extinguisher and which of them has the most effective properties.

For use in the car, powder fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are most suitable. The latter have the best characteristics than powder, but they weigh much harder, and cost an order of magnitude more expensive. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are intended for extinguishing fires that arose on various electrical equipment, which is under voltage up to 10,000 in. When they are used, protected equipment, computers, various electronic equipment, exhibits from the museum, etc.D. The fire extinguisher here is CO2, carbon dioxide. The substance after getting on a hot substance is taken as a cooling process, and then evaporates, leaving no traces behind.

The optimal solution for the car is still a car fire extinguisher car. It is used to extinguish various kinds of fires. It is possible to use when extinguishing fires of electrical installations that are under voltage up to 1000 V. They are recommended to be used in cars, agricultural machinery. They are convenient for equipping fire shields that are in garages, at various chemical facilities, apartments, hotels. They are not recommended for use of electrical equipment that may fail when powder gets on it.

When purchasing a powder fire extinguisher, it is worth paying attention to the case, it is best if it is metal, plastic does not guarantee the reliability of use. Be sure to be attached to the fire extinguisher, and the seller must provide a fire certificate and certificate of conformity. The check of the fire extinguisher should be sealed. There is a pressure gauge on powder fire extinguishers, the arrow should be in the green zone. The confront should include a trim.

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