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CQR Company organizes Blockchain Security for any customer

by buma888

Smart contracts are used for many areas of activity. They use blockchain technology and require careful preparation to avoid errors and vulnerabilities. For proper operation, Smart Contract Audit Service from a trusted company is offered.

Features of the service

The CQR company has the ability to organize Blockchain Security for any customer in order to avoid the loss of data or funds during the execution and execution of smart contracts. For this, Smart Contract Auditor is used to check the correctness of the code and analyze the data, Web3 Security Audit.

Audit procedures include:

  1. The code used in the smart contract is checked. Errors and possible vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers or could cause execution to fail are identified.
  2. The compliance of the agreement with the stated goal and generally accepted rules of doing business is determined.
  3. Access control is checked separately for each party involved in the execution of the contract.
  4. The fulfillment of all terms of the agreement is checked, including reentrantness, overflow or underfilling, deployment, and event registration.
  5. The smart contract is being tested under various scenarios, which will allow testing its functionality and security in practice.
  6. A penetration test is carried out separately to identify the most vulnerable areas and close them.
  7. Activities are monitored to determine the effectiveness and security of the smart contract over time.

Carrying out the procedure

The company performing the work conducts a manual line-by-line check of the code to identify all possible errors or shortcomings that lead to vulnerabilities. This approach is quite labor-intensive, but it allows you to find any shortcomings in the agreement and remove them in the most reliable way.

Automatic verification includes simulating the operation of a smart contract on a test blockchain in order to verify in practice its execution and high-quality protection.

Based on the work carried out, a report is drawn up indicating all the deficiencies found and what measures were taken to eliminate them. Recommendations are also being formulated to avoid similar problems in the future. The company guarantees high-quality work in all areas, performs it carefully and closes any vulnerabilities.

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