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What are the washbasins from?

by USAInvest

Ceramics is far from the only material from which the shells can be made. Now the bathroom washbasin can be glass, wooden (it’s good that not tin), and even stone. And now it has become important to understand the functional differences between these materials.

Let’s start with the most exotic and therefore least common species. The main drawback of stone and wooden shells is price. Such washbasins are extremely complicated in production, manufactured by much smaller volumes and therefore are estimated by an order of magnitude more expensive than the rest. They also require more serious care of themselves, and they should treat them carefully. Their weight is also much larger – it will not be possible to install such a washbasin everywhere. You might think about the use of artificial stone. Outwardly it is almost indistinguishable from natural, but it will cost cheaper

Ceramics of all kinds of varieties are, on the contrary, the most familiar and well -known option. It is characterized by relative strength (of course, it is possible, but by chance – it is unlikely), cheapness and ease of care. Although once, of course, there is no. Porcelain, for example, stronger than faience, but it costs more. Immediately decide which of the characteristics for you is more priority.

Glass washbasins – something between the two already mentioned groups. Glass has not yet managed to squeeze ceramics from a leading position, and is still considered an exotic choice. Their price is lower than stone or wooden, but they make an impression no less. What they are so accurately won – in the number of possible external options. In the production process, absolutely any combination of colors can be added to the molten glass, so that the number of colors in large factories can be calculated by hundreds. Not to mention their combinations and all kinds of textures.

Hardened glass from which such washbasins are made is very durable – several times stronger than usual. It will be almost impossible to break it in conditions of ordinary operation. If this happened, it breaks up into many small non -wound fragments that cannot cause much harm.

All this applies, however, only professional manufacturers who use only the latest technologies in production. We do not recommend contacting little -known companies that attract low cost. Behind her, as a rule, mediocre quality is hidden.

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