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Algorithmic reconstruction of Glorierite Juan Carlos

by USAInvest

The ESC Studio won the international reconstruction competition of Gloriet Juan Carlos I in Mula in 2009.The scheme, currently in development, unites the fenced area into the surrounding urban fabric, returning the space for the community by creating public embankment, which violates the rigidity of the previous configuration and establish a storage relationship between the city and the heart of the area, maintaining the fullness of the existing vegetation.

The main circulation is carved in the current levels of area, the identification of a dynamic celebrate, which passes through the space between the islands of the island -proceeded activities taking children, the elderly and production of space and allows access to the area of ​​adjacent streets.

Planning space of the area was formed with user and software that implements the Vorono algorithm to divide the space into circulation and areas of activity. This interactive application imposed the process of public consultations, which took place in December 2009, and gave citizens the opportunity to actively participate in the design of design, offering their options. Each of the user user will be a reflection of the perception of the individual of space and his personal approach to the new design.

The scheme is made in the form of self-sufficient, carbon-neutral space.A series of climate control units will be scattered over the area, are equipped with photovoltaic elements, lighting and fogansesistems, which will reduce the temperature of the square in the summer, and to produce all energy necessary for normal functioning, being at the same time a physical reminder of a continuous compromise by a crushing environment.

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