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Than modern dry mixtures are better than traditional solutions?

by USAInvest

This question mainly relates to the problems of the complexity of the finishing types of work. As a rule, they usually make up about 30-40 percent of all labor costs, moreover, all that are used for the construction of buildings and targeted facilities. This percentage shows how important it is to improve this specific construction process. Improving finishing materials and tools, this is actually the way to accelerate construction as a whole, as well as to reduce the complexity and costs of man-hours for construction. This is the priority direction of the development of the industry, in any case, today. Today, all the efforts of advanced designers and representatives of construction science are aimed mainly at promoting advanced technologies in the direction of reducing labor intensity, as well as improving the processes of finishing work. This primarily encourages advanced construction manufacturers to make the necessary advanced and, accordingly, high -quality building materials that meet all standards and standards in the construction industries around the world. It is worth noting that today it is simply impossible to imagine how to carry out a new building, or simple repairs, without applying modified and latest construction mixtures and components. All their advantages, over traditional materials and solutions, are not just proven today, but simply undeniable.

There are already the fact that traditional compounds and solutions are made of strictly mineral components, such, for example, cement, lime, sand, while all this is knew all this is knew directly at construction sites and facilities. A decrease in the properties and some factors of the relative quality of these solutions occurs during the delivery of the solution to the object. For. To “cheer up” the solution, simple water is added to it. This ultimately leads to the fact that the strength characteristics are only reduced, and shrinkage processes, spreading, contribute to the appearance of cracks and defects. As a result, the durability of the solution becomes very doubtful, despite the fact that the quality and appearance initially depend only only on the level of the skill of the worker. Plus all this requires large costs associated with the features of transporting such mixtures. This can be avoided by using modern dry mixes, the level of quality of which is simply incomparable with the level of properties and characteristics of ordinary solutions produced directly at construction objects.

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