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Select the sink into the bathroom

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Beginning repair often puts the owner of the apartment into a dead end. If at first it seems that the choice of purchases for the rooms will make simply, then in fact the buyer is faced with long rows of completely different variations of the same one and that you can choose the right option on the site . For example, the shells in the bathroom differ not only in the color and material from which they are made, but also by many other parameters.

Consider the most important of them.

What shells are

Type of installation, or fasteners, divides the entire range of shells into:

– suspended;


-Built -in;


The built -in products and the type of “pedestal” have an obvious advantage in functionality over other models. All pipes are hidden in the nightstand or leg under the sink. In other cases, additional work on pipe disguise is required.

More and more fans are gaining built -in shells thanks to their design capabilities. Bedside tables into which the shells are cut are developed from water -repellent materials and have a long service life.

Materials and forms

Ceramics, faience and porcelain

The habitual earthenware sinks have many advantages. Microcracks do not appear on them for a long time, they are easy to care for and environmentally friendly.

Artificial stone shells

Made of polyester or acrylic resins with the addition of natural chopped stones. Look expensive, beautiful and at the same time serve for a long time.

Glass shells

Durable, reliable and not at all as fragile as it might seem, glass shells have a number of features:

Need constant care with the choice of cleaning funds;

Are more expensive than other types of shells.


High cost and nuances of care make a wooden sink by choosing more wealthy buyers. A magnificent and noble appearance provides it with growing popularity.


The most durable shells are made of stainless steel. The care is simple, but they require a lot of attention. After each use, such shells must be wiped so that there are no whitish stains from dried water.


An expensive and impressive look has one drawback: marble, being porous material, absorbs dirt with water. Maintaining such a product in cleanliness is a laborious lesson.

Forms of shells

It is worth mentioning the forms of this subject of interior. There are shells:

– oval;

– rectangular;

– square;

– corner;

– double;

– Asymmetric.

So, the choice is wide. In order not to get confused in an excess of the proposed models, before going to the store to decide on the main points:

– Buying budget;

– design of the room;

– Is there any opportunity for frequent cleaning.

By answering these questions, you can quickly choose the model that will decorate your bathroom, and serve you a faithful and reliable assistant.

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