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Certificate of conformity of products – some questions.

As such, certification is required in order to confirm that both the products and the services provided comply with the existing standards or standards. The certification itself is divided into compulsory and voluntary, which is carried out exclusively on the initiative of manufacturers and suppliers.

Usually, the certification of goods is voluntary in cases when it is extremely strictly following the established standards and standards does not have appropriate consolidation at the legislative level, or certain standards and standards are not directly related to ensuring security, and due to this, have a purely dispositive character.

When certified the voluntary nature of the products or the services provided, which meet the established requirements that meet the authorized certification body, a specially approved certificate of conformity of products is issued.

Currently, there is a fairly large number of specially authorized bodies by which certification of goods or any products in accordance with the certification system GOST R. Thus, in order to carry out certification actions for the services provided or manufactured, as well as in order to obtain the necessary certificate of conformity of products in the certification system GOST R, it is necessary to make a special application for certification of a voluntary nature.

Voluntary confirmation of the full compliance of products with the established standards is carried out according to the application made by the manufacturer and involves the conclusion of the latter special agreement with the authorized certification body. Objects of certification of a voluntary nature are considered both directly manufactured products and various kinds of production processes and a number of other objects for which special standards and standards are provided for.

Mandatory certification of products is carried out exclusively in accordance with the legislatively established standards, as well as special technical regulations in accordance with the necessary technical regulations, according to the provided security parameters.

Mandatory certification of products as actually voluntary, can be carried out in accordance with the developed special rules and certain procedures that are used in current certification systems.

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