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Panel for managing servers, web hosting: advantages and application

by buma888

Managing web hosting servers requires the use of special software. This role is assigned to a special panel from which you can perform various actions with web resources of various types. It is proposed to use a web hosting control panel from a well-known company.

Features of the panel and who needs it

This version of the server and web hosting control panel is called Ispmanager, it is developed and supported by an Irkutsk company. Among the main features of the software it is worth highlighting:

  1. Managing a website of various types, using any version of programming languages and CMS Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla.
  2. Full support for the security system, which has a module for protecting against DDoS attacks, antiviruses are installed for email messages and web resources, and it is possible to differentiate the rights of staff and managers.
  3. You can create a mail server on your own domain.
  4. The panel allows you to install SSL certificates.

To become more familiar with all the features, you can download a 14-day demo version to try the panel in action and make an informed decision about purchasing a license.

Among the main consumers who may need the panel, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Web developers. They can host multiple sites using different versions of programming languages.
  2. System administrators can use a single interface to manage and monitor multiple resources.
  3. Site managers can use the panel to design web resources in specialized systems or using templates.
  4. Hosting providers may offer a control panel when renting virtual servers.


This type of software is of high quality, reliable and has a high degree of versatility. It can be used to solve a variety of problems depending on the company’s specialization and the availability of certain developments.

The panel is used in more than 150 countries, on millions of sites, which simplifies the issue of compatibility and scaling of resources. The software is easy to master, its cost is lower than that of competitors with comparable functionality, reliability and stability.

The panel is constantly updated taking into account the development of requirements for such software, and the company provides round-the-clock technical support. You can suggest your own features for the panel, or vote for the most needed updates.

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