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Opening wallpaper

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During the repair, very often people are faced with a problem associated with the indentation of wallpaper. Уже немалое время, при декорировании стен, применяются не только бумажные обои, которые с легкостью отходят от стены. In the modern market you can find many varieties of wallpaper and many of them are water -repellent. What needs to be done to peel off the wallpaper of this type? Wallpaper using vinyl and silk -type, are made by applying a special coating on top of the paper base, which is a water -repellent. Therefore, in order to remove such wallpaper, you must first separate the upper layer of wallpaper. For this, a sharp and thin object, it is necessary to lift the upper corner of these wallpapers and carefully remove the film ball covering the paper base. Before starting to glue the wallpaper above the bed, it is advisable to remove the mattress on the side so that it does not get dirty. After all, now it’s very difficult to find a good mattress, and it is not cheap and if your favorite mattress gets dirty, it will be very insulting.

As soon as only paper remains, water is applied to it, using a roller or sponge. Потом обоям нужно дать время, чтобы они впитали воду. After 10-20 minutes they can be calmly torn off.

If this method does not bring results, then you can use special compounds to remove wallpaper. Such liquids have gained great popularity, because they help to easily solve the issue of removing wallpaper. These funds are sold in the form of a concentrated substance, which must be diluted with water in the correct proportion. The ratio of water and means is indicated on the packaging. The prepared solution is applied to wallpaper in the same way as water. Only it acts more actively.

In the most difficult cases, for example, if the wallpaper is glued using PVA glue, it is necessary to use a metal scraper to get to the base of the wallpaper. But this step is risky, since the scraper damages the surface of the wall. Therefore, after this procedure, the plaster will need to be updated on the wall.

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