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Is it worth changing the old parquet floor

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Is it worth changing the old parquet floor

In many apartments built in the last century and the older more old parquet coverage remained. Even after decades, Parquet did not lose its external attractiveness, but in places its elements began to lag behind the floor and may even cause injury. Many plan to replace such a coating with new, more modern, but very often the restoration of parquet is a more profitable solution not only in terms of saving funds, but also in quality parameters.

Previously, parquet elements were made from selected forest, with hard production control at all stages. Therefore, the quality of the parquet has always been very high. And if the builders performed styling, fully adhering to the technology, then such a coating will be able to last more than one decade. It is such floors that have survived to this day.

There are a number of methods, thanks to which it is possible to restore the parquet coating on your own. But this is a painstaking work that takes time and effort. Therefore, most turn to professionals. Most often there are defects such as scratches, potholes or drying or swollen or swollen from moisture. The screening of the parquet is also considered a defect.

To eliminate small potholes and scratches, a special structured pencil is used. If the damage is very deep, then silicone putty is used, which has the color of the restored wood. But the strongly and the resulting floorboards still have to change.

To restore the creaking areas in these places, the floorboards are dismantled, gluing bitumen resin is laid under them, and on top of this layer – the elements of the parquet back. The penultimate stage is a parquet cycle manually or using a special machine. After that, the parquet is covered with varnish or other composition – and the floor covering acquires a practically initial look, not differing in quality from the new gender.

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