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How to glue wallpaper yourself

by USAInvest

Each housing regularly needs repair and update. This is the only way your apartment will always delight your eye. And in many ways the appearance of your rooms depends on the walls, or rather, on the wallpaper with which they are glued. Today we will talk about how to poke the wallpaper without resorting to the help of specialists.

Do not neglect the preparation, because this is one of the most common mistakes of beginners. The walls need to be thoroughly cleaned of previous wallpaper, if there are cracks, then smear them with putty. Pay special attention to the corners, since then something will not be possible to correct. If the wallpaper is light, then the glue should be homogeneous so that traces do not see through the wallpaper. Carefully prepare the walls, as well as the place where you will roll the wallpaper. Ideally, you need a special wallpaper table, but if it is not, then a large even space on the floor will suit.

Next, you need to mark the wallpaper, retreating from the inner angle minus 3-5 cm. Glue should be prepared according to the recipe of the manufacturer. Сам клей в раствор нужно добавлять постепенно, постоянно перемешивая получившуюся массу. Next, apply glue to the walls and wallpaper, wait until the wallpaper is saturated with glue. Now you can glue wallpaper on the walls. We do it carefully, wiping them with a damp rag. You can use them with scissors if there are unequal corners somewhere. Then we are waiting for everything to dry.

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