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Gas concrete cottage projects

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By studying information in specialized publications and on sites devoted to construction, you can familiarize yourself with numerous projects of cottages that can be built from aerated concrete. At the same time, despite the variety, they are divided into several conditional groups. By number of storeys: one and multi -storey. And in area: up to 130 m2, from 130 to 250 m2 and more than 250 m2. Given that, regardless of the total area of ​​the cottages from aerated concrete, they can have various number of storeys, consider project options for various categories of space.

Up to 130 m2.

These projects of cottages from aerated concrete relate to low -budget, or as it is also called the “economy class”. Cottages of this area are designed to live 2-5 people. These cottages have a minimum, but at the same time the necessary level of comfort. They have no more than 3 sleeping rooms, mainly 2, and, as a rule, one separate bathroom.

Often they are one -story, which also helps to reduce construction costs. In the presence of a basement or basement, auxiliary technical rooms, such as distribution units of engineering networks, boiler rooms, pantries, etc. P. are located in them. Given the relatively small loads, the facilities of the foundation are used for these projects.

From 130 to 250 m2.

These are the most common projects of cottages from gas concrete blocks. At least 5-7 people can live in them and there is a good level of comfort. The number of sleeping rooms intended for the owners or their guests, as a rule, 3 or 4. The minimum number of bathrooms is 2, sometimes more. A number of storeys of at least 2.

Often, in addition to two full floors, there is also an attic. On the ground floor there are invitation rooms – halls, living rooms, dining rooms, as well as a kitchen. Bedrooms and cabinet are located on the second floor. Quite often, these projects provide for the presence of balconies or loggias, which significantly revives the exterior of the house and increases its functionality and the degree of comfort.

More than 250 m2.

Large area cottages from aerated concrete are much less common than the first two categories. This is due to high costs for the implementation of these projects. Large area allows you to implement interesting design solutions. Among the premises in such cottages there is often a library, a winter garden, a sports hall, a pool, a billiard room and much more. The presence of balconies, open terraces and verandas is an almost integral part of their layouts.

Given the significant size of such buildings, they require a land plot of the corresponding area on which they would look organically and in proportion. Given the complexity of internal engineering equipment, to ensure the life of the cottage of such an area, there is its own generator, and for reliable and uninterrupted water supply, its own water well is often used quite often.

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