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Experience in the part -time work of engineering networks | Ukrinvestbud

by USAInvest

The combination of adverse factors led to the formation of cracks in significant sizes, in which the normal operation of the sumps turned out to be impossible, and they demanded a restoration repair.

As shown above, with the simultaneous waste treatment of a few layers from a split furnace (development depth of up to 300 m) and a mulm -shaped layer of layers within the protected circuit, soil cracks were formed up to 15 cm. They passed through the foundations of technological installations, causing a violation of the normal operating mode of their. When there appeared on industrial sites, concentrated deformations to maintain buildings and structures required restoration and enhanced supervision of the work of technological equipment (mines to them. Lotikova and Belorechenskaya). The most sensitive to deformations of the earth’s surface were tanks. According to the cracks that arose in these structures, there was a leakage of water into the ground, which led to watering soils, increased the degree of deformation of structures.

Coal mining under trunk pipelines and under the dispersing networks in the Donbass is very often carried out, since cities and villages always have a developed network of underground gas pipelines, heating mains, water pipelines and sewage.

Due to the significant length, pipelines cross the areas of the earth’s surface with various deformations in terms of nature and size. Deformations affect different pipelines in different ways and often lead to their destruction (transverse gaps, crushing, fracture). Magistral pipelines and diluting networks can be underground and aboveground.

It is customary to lay pipelines in the ground, mainly in the green strip of streets. The high cost of transferring pipelines under the roadway of roads, as well as limited possibilities of using mechanization when laying in the city line leads to the fact that in some cases it is advisable to use the aboveground laying of pipelines.

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