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Types of a construction beam and its application

by USAInvest

Currently, various timber and lumber are widely used in construction, which, thanks to modern technologies, have practically no weaknesses. Always and everywhere requires boards, timber, electoral logs. For the construction of a warm house, a bath, a summer house, as well as for the interior decoration of the premises, a construction beam is widely used, which is made from pre -dried boards. The moisture content of the wall profiled beam does not exceed 12%. Different types of timber (rectangular beam, radius beam, etc. D.) can combine good thermal insulation characteristics, as well as ensure the tightness of the connection. For the construction of country houses and baths, a thick beam is used, the thickness of which is 200 mm. For the construction of arbors and summer houses, builders choose a thinner beam.

When using the construction beam of 20×200, as well as waterproof phenolomaldehyde adhesives, you can create very durable glued structures, which also have high fire resistance, they can last a long period of time. These designs are very light, for their construction it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money. In the production of glued beams, it is very easy to sort the material that is unsuitable for work. When gluing the beam, you can carry out quality control and determine the texture of the surface of the beam. This type of timber has very high strength indicators.

The construction beam of large thickness (about 200 mm) is great for the construction of suburban cottages for year -round living. During the construction of wooden houses, the weight of materials is of great importance. A house made of timber has a low weight, so for it you can build a lightweight foundation, while the cost of work is reduced, and time costs are reduced. This is an indisputable advantage of timber compared to other building materials.

Various types of timber are quite found in the price of firms that specialize in the sale of building materials. However, in order to choose the most suitable option for a beam that combines good quality and high technical characteristics, as well as a low price, you need to carefully study the description and characteristics of these materials and choose the most suitable type of timber for upcoming work.

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