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Cold mastic for roof repair

by USAInvest

Sometimes the only salvation can be cold mastic. This unusual material allows you to repair the roof in the most difficult conditions extremely simple and fast. Cold mastic can be used directly under the pouring rain. At the same time, it perfectly closes all cracks on any surface and reliably sealing them. Cold mastic is called cold, since it does not need to be warmed up when using it, like a mastic of traditional varieties. This is very convenient, because it can be difficult to warm up the material. In addition, it is more difficult to work with hot mastic. At the same time, cold mastic can be used for the repair of any roofs and is suitable for all roofing materials. In particular, cold mastic can successfully repair tiles, soft roof, roofing material, slate and other roofing materials. The versatility of cold mastic is certainly a serious advantage. When acquiring this material, you will not have to think about how well it is in one case or another. So, cold mastic on the roof is applied in the simplest way, without warming up. Simple tools will be required. Mostly a large hard brush and spatula. It is such tools to apply cold mastic to the roof most conveniently. Work is not difficult. The jar with mastic is opened, collected by a spatula and spread it on roofing materials, trying to make an effort so that the mastic is well clamped with the surface. After

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mastic will be applied to the roof, it begins to harden quickly. When it froze, it forms a strong film that tightly closes any cracks and damage to the roof. The properties of the cold mastic make it very convenient material for emergency repair of the roof, when you need to quickly block the resulting leak. Ten minutes after applying mastic, the flow will be stacked and moisture will cease to flow inside the roof. In addition to the fact that cold mastic is quite durable and reliable material, which will allow you to extend the life of the roof. For example, with its help you can qualitatively repair slate or roofing material. After such a repair, even severely damaged roofing coatings will serve for quite some time, and there is no need to replace them. If the task is not only to quickly repair the coating for the roof, but also to make it more durable, you can advise you to purchase mastic not in the finished form, but in the form of two components that must first be mixed. This type of cold mastic to serve as a noticeable longer than the finished composition.

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