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Classic kitchens: photos, videos, tips. Choosing a kitchen in a classic style

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For many years, classic kitchens have been at the top of popularity and changes in the near future are not expected. On the Internet, in various design magazines you can find a huge number of photos of kitchens made precisely in the classic style. And there is nothing surprising in this, because the kitchen in the classical style is extremely harmonious, cozy and comfortable. In addition, the design of classical cuisine will fit perfectly into any interior, which is important.

Most often, the design of the kitchen in the classic style prefer self -confident people who strive for stability. In addition, during the rapid development of various technologies, it is very pleasant after a hard working day to be in home warmth and comfort, which fully gives the interior of the kitchen in the classic style.

Classic kitchens – what they are?

The kitchen in the classic style is distinguished by restrained, even somewhat strict forms, as well as discreet pastel colors. But this does not mean at all that the design of classical cuisine is boring and monotonous. On the contrary, there are a huge number of photos of the classic kitchens that are not at all like each other, which indicates that when decorating a kitchen in this style there is, where fantasies to walk around.

The main features of the kitchen in the classic style are:


use of natural materials;

wooden furniture;


sharp lines;

restraint in the decor;

Plant ornaments.

Very often the classic interior of the kitchen is performed in light colors, among which the most popular is white. The white classic cuisine looks noble, and if you add to gilding, it acquires a rich, one might say, luxurious appearance. On the Internet you can find a lot of photos of designer kitchens made precisely in white. Here are our options:

Walls in a classic style are most often plain or with a discreet pattern with plant elements, in some photos you can see walls sheathed with wooden veneer in the color of furniture. The ceiling is often decorated with stucco or painting. Stretch ceilings with a pattern that imitates ceiling painting are also possible.

In a spacious kitchen, you can use a laminate as a flooring, and a small classic kitchen will look very good with floors covered with ceramic or marble tiles.

If the kitchen premises allows, then you can decorate the walls with various photos in the classic style, you get a mini photo gallery, which will look very original and stylish.

From all of the above, we can conclude that classic kitchens are a universal interior that is ideal for both a solemn dinner and a warm family feast.

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