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Who won the 2023 Oscars

by marusia

The 95th Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles. The winners were announced live on ABC.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” was named best film. Ten films received this nomination this year: All Quiet on the Western Front by Edward Berger, Avatar: The Way of Water by James Cameron, Banshee Inisherin by Martin McDonagh, Elvis by Baz Luhrmann, Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg, Tar Todd Field, Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski, Triangle of Sorrow by Reuben Oestlund, and Women Speaking by Sarah Polley.

Kwan and Scheinert also received an Oscar for Best Director. Todd Field (Tar), Martin McDonagh (Banshee Inisherina), Ruben Ostlund (Triangle of Sorrow) and Steven Spielberg (Fabelmans) also fought for the victory in the nomination.

The painting “Everything Everywhere and At Once” became the record holder for the number of awards, taking seven figurines. In addition to the awards for Best Picture and Best Director, the film also won Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. Three statuettes were also taken by the actors who played in the film: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Hui Kwan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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