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Types of parquet work

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What floor covering to choose for your home or apartment? What qualities should it have?

First of all, the floor of your apartment should be warm. Even the most comfortable dwelling will not give you a feeling of comfort if it has cold floors. In addition, a high -quality flooring for the floor should be durable – to cross it every six months too troublesome and consistent. And, of course, the aesthetics of the coating plays an important role, its appearance. A beautiful floor is able to give charm to any interior.

All of the above qualities have a floor covering, invented for a very long time, and has not undergone any cardinal changes since then – the parquet known to everyone. Natural wood of hardwood, from which parquet strips are made, has outstanding strength and durability, and therefore the floor repair is rarely required, and usually it is cosmetic – to transfer the coating, as a rule, it is not necessary. As for the exterior, the appearance of the wooden floor, then in this component it can give one hundred points forward to any other finishing material. It is also worth mentioning that, unlike the vast majority of modern synthetic materials, wood is environmentally friendly, which also speaks in favor of the parquet. Of course, such a coating is not cheap and only a professional can correctly lay it, whose work will also cost money, but the dignity of a wooden floor justifies all costs.

Parquet work is held in several stages. The first of them is the preparation of the floor (in fact, this is not the beginning – the laying of the coating should be carried out when all other finishing work has already been completed). It is very important to align the floor well, it depends on how long the coating will last on the qualitative implementation of this part of the work. The irregularities of concrete can lead to the fact that the parquet will creak, its elements are quickly shaken, and, in the end, they will have to be transferred quite soon. To accelerate the process of preparing the floor for laying coating, lags are often used – boards that lay under parquet. They also provide excellent thermal insulation.

Plywood creeps on the lags, thanks to which the floor becomes absolutely even, and on it, with the help of special glue and small nails, parquet strips are laid.

The coating is successfully laid, but this is far from the end of parquet work. To align the surface of the wooden floor and remove all the defects that appeared on the strips during styling, the floor is cycress, that is, using a special machine, cut off the thinnest upper layer from the strips. Subsequently, this operation may be repeated during the repair of the parquet.

When the wood is polished, it is covered with a special primer and varnish (sometimes – wax). Only after that we can say that the parquet floor is ready for operation.

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